How To Stay Dry In The Rain

Rain is an inevitable factor in our Northwest lives. Love it or not dealing with the rain is essential. Here you’ll find the best way to stay dry. You won’t find umbrellas on our site, those are for tourists. Seattle natives wear rain jackets and we have the best jackets for Seattle or Portland weather.

A quality rain jacket will have some essential elements. First a hood. It should be over sized and have elastics to tighten the hood. It should be large enough to go over a beanie and tighten down if the wind picks up. Second, The sleeves should have cuffs that can be tightened around your wrists. You don’t want loose sleeves that allow the rain to creep up your arm. Being able to tighten the jacket around your wrists is important. And Third, the jacket zipper should come up high and over the users chin. This will keep any rain from making it’s way down the front of your jacket. 

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