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Northwest Woman

Living the in the northwest we find ourselves running through a downpour to the store on a warm spring day. We aren’t dressed for the rain but here we are getting wet. Moving quickly but not quite running. It takes extraordinary care to navigate the changing climate in the Pacific Northwest. We commonly face sun, rain and cold winds on the same day. A sunny morning can be a misty wet afternoon.

Rainier Living Women

Living near Mt. Rainier requires determination to be fashionable in any scenario. Walking through wet grass to soccer practice is hard in high heels from the office. The sweater we put on this morning after waking up to clouds, is awkward in the warm sunny afternoon.

Layering up on those cold mornings is essential for the Northwest woman. Layers allow for the changing conditions throughout your day from work to errands to sushi dates. Clothing for your life is what we offer at Rainier Living. Start with our Merino Wool base layer and you’ll stay warm all day.

Your clothing and style communicate who you are to those around you. Ensure you style is prepared for Seattle or Portland weather. It’s easy to fall into the standard leggings and hoodie routine. You want to be sophisticated and tasteful in all you do.

Visit our lady’s store to find options ready for your adventurous life. Start with a merino wool base layer. Add on a sweatshirt or jacket. And finish your look with an accessory. Stay active and remarkable.

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Partnering with new brands and sharing our favorites. We live in the shadows of Mt. Rainier and only provide products built for your life.